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In today’s volatile economic climate, it is clearly a challenge for Estate Planners to reconcile multiple valuation approaches (insurance documents and fair market value appraisals) as well as to discern validity from among the value assignments for various types of property. Specifically, while clear comparables for property like real estate, or the easy liquidity of property like a stock portfolio make distribution relatively straightforward, various approaches on less clear-cut (but often equally significant) property like fine jewelry and fine art make real value far more difficult to define. In many cases, challenges like these have led to hours of additional work, and ultimately, to information that is confusing at best and at worst, inaccurate.

Years of experience have directed us to the development of a unique approach in dealing with professional estate planning issues.

We deliver a single, accurate, cost-effective, multi-use document to address all of the following needs:

  • Federal Estate Tax Return
  • Equitable Distribution
  • Probate
  • Insurance (If using an Agreed-Value Policy)

Know the True Value of Your Assets with Certainty

A professional estate appraisal plays an important role in protecting the value of your assets. An accurate assessment of value is essential for estate planning or settlement, dividing assets in a divorce, buying insurance or property disposition. A Geolat estate appraisal ensures that your property will be evaluated with complete confidentiality, care and accuracy.

Every estate appraisal report from Geolat Companies is well-researched and documented, and conforms to the standards put forth by the American Society of Appraisers as well as the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

Estate tax appraisals are necessary for federal tax purposes, or for state probate in the execution of a will. Probate can be a particularly difficult and protracted process without adequate estate planning. Whether you’re seeing to your own future needs or are representing a law firm, accounting firm or a loved one, an accurate appraisal is an important first step in the planning process.

Geolat Companies will take the time and do the research necessary to provide you with a detailed, precise and current estate valuation.

What You Need to Know.
During the course of a Geolat Companies estate appraisal, your property will be photographed and catalogued, and each item carefully evaluated and researched to accurately document condition. Value is determined using a holistic approach that takes into consideration the overall nature and condition of the item as well as prevailing market conditions.

A Geolat Companies estate appraisal reports provide complete documentation of all findings, including color photographs and detailed descriptions of each piece, its history (where appropriate), quality, condition and current fair market value. Of course, we maintain complete confidentiality with regard to your appraisal and our client records.

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