Fine Art Appraisals in Every Genre

Geolat Companies offers expert appraisal of fine art, both antique and contemporary, in a variety of media including (but not limited to) paintings, sculptures, photographs and drawings. Evaluation of your item(s) may be handled in our offices or on site at your location.

Every fine art appraisal report from the Geolat Companies is well-researched and documented, and conforms to the standards put forth by the American Society of Appraisers as well as the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

Our fine art appraisal services provide assistance with:

  • Determining accurate fair market value
  • Providing expert witness & litigation support
  • Confirming a new purchase
  • Determining reasonable re-sale price
  • Estate tax evaluation
  • Estate planning and distribution
  • Division of property in divorce proceedings
  • Documentation and reporting of damage
  • Post-loss & casualty loss reporting of previously undocumented pieces
  • Collateral assignment
  • Evidence of ownership for foreign customs officials

What you need to know.

During the course of a Geolat Companies fine art appraisal, your work of art will be photographed, then carefully evaluated and researched to accurately document origin and condition. Geolat Companies fine art appraisal reports provide complete documentation of all findings, including a color photograph and detailed description of the piece, its history, quality and condition.

Value is determined using a holistic approach that takes into consideration the component parts and the overall nature and condition of the finished piece as well as prevailing market conditions and the actual purpose of the appraisal (insurance replacement cost or fair market value).

Of course, we maintain complete confidentiality with regard to your appraisal and our client records.

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