Eating disorders in America are so prevalent that thousands of teenagers fall into harmful and often dangerous eating patterns every day. Some studies indicate that up to one half of all teenage girls and one third of all teenage boys try to manage their body image in unhealthy ways. Although most often manifested in teenagers, eating disorders often take root much earlier –between the ages of 6 and 12.

The Something for Kelly Foundation was launched in 2013 to honor Kelly Nobbe, a bright MBA graduate who went to sleep one night and never woke up. Her heart simply stopped beating. The eating disorder that she battled for years finally claimed her life.

The goal of the Foundation is to take positive steps in helping young children and their families take control of what is often a “predisposition” to eating disorders. Geolat is proud to provide financial support to the foundation’s programs and operating expenses.

The mission of the Something for Kelly Foundation is to empower children ages 6-12 to take control over their predisposition to eating disorders.


Through its programs and services the foundation sets out to:

1. Create a mindset shift in children with predisposition to ED
2. Recalibrate relationship with food (under and over eating)
3. Awaken in children the desire to voluntarily choose a new healthy direction and move the needle from imbalance to balance.

Something for Kelly Foundation is the next generation in nonprofit foundations. Its intended reach is cross cultural, intergenerational and international.
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