From Service Providers

  • "I can't thank you enough for dropping everything, rearranging your schedule, and appearing in Austin on very short notice last Thursday. Your willingness to go the extra mile was critical to our achieving a remarkably favorable result in the mediation. Please accept my heartfelt appreciation for your efforts."

    Janet Mortenson, Attorney at Law Attorney at Law
  • “Patti Geolat is my primary choice to work with any Swingle Collins and Associates clients. Her firm is an excellent solution for my customers’ appraisal needs.”

    Jason Pond, Personal Risk Manager Swingle Collins and Associates
  • “Patti is honest, honorable and very thorough. She is well connected and respected by the insurance industry. If you need an impartial appraiser and/or expert witness, she really knows her stuff.”

    David Bock, Owner Bachedorf’s Jewelers
  • “Thanks Patti for a job well done. I am impressed by your thoroughness and expertise. The Binder will be very helpful for my children (and myself) to decide what to do with all these marvelous objects. Your "girl Friday" Judy is actually Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!!! Extremely helpful and always full of joy. We will be in touch.”

    Dr. Bill Dammert

From Private Clients

  • “Patti, You and your company found a client who recognized the "Canary Diamond" -- I haven't seen another -- and the marquise as well. I am so pleased. Somehow, when the broker comes up with such high returns -- to me -- the customary fee seems inadequate. I shall recommend a very special group -- and certainly include Judy. Thanks.”

    Louise Pickens
  • “Megan and I would like to thank you for the appraisal of her engagement ring! I have just received the packet! We would like to also express our appreciation for the excellent service and attitude you gave us during this process! You are quite the dynamic duo! Thank you again! Larry was quite right when he said you are the best!"

    Ray and Megan
  • “It was a pleasure to have met you and Judy. You two made this experience of having a jewelry appraisal in Dallas very easy and not as complicated as I thought it would be. It can be tough to find Dallas jewelers who can get the job done right. I phoned my Aunt and she was actually quite humorous about the idea of selling the pearls. Her response was, "If you don't want them, then I sure the heck don't want them" (heck was not the word she used, but I couldn't imagine my 82-year-old Aunt using any other word). Thanks for all your assistance.”

    Laura Chadwick
  • “Dear Patti, Thank you for your nice note and check. I wish I remember who referred me to you when I originally appraised the ring, you came highly recommended by them, as I would like to thank them also. I hope some day I will have the good fortune to bring another ring for appraisal,but if not, I will refer anyone I know in need of an appraiser or jewelry broker to you.”

    Harry Granoff
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