Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and coming sooner than you think. Honestly, how is it almost May?

Dallas appraiser / estate jewelry buyer Patti Geolat has been thinking about the perfect piece of jewelry for Mother’s Day, considering pearls, cameos, gold, and diamonds. Ultimately, she has decided that the perfect gift depends on the mother.

“I find this particular side of the jewelry business very interesting. Throughout the year, moms often buy for themselves, and their young-to-adult children can see what they like to wear. Because her style choices are apparent, this makes selecting a new piece of jewelry for her a breeze. This generation of moms are typically more involved in the daily activities of their children, often including shopping for high fashion, high tech toys and vintage estate jewelry.”

Retailers are preparing to launch their Mother’s Day gift commercials for the year. If you’re watching these commercials and still don’t see anything you would like to buy for your mother, perhaps consider thinking of them as providing helpful ideas — something to get the creative juices flowing.

Just like buying jewelry for yourself, you must ask a few key questions. What styles does your mother favor? To which occasions might she be wearing this piece of jewelry? Does she follow a trend or buy something that will stand the test of time? Take a moment to consider the answer to each question. In addition to answering these questions, Geolat suggests considering the season as well.

“Spring is a great season for fun stuff. Confident moms have no problem pairing a cameo from their own mother’s collection with another one that they might choose to share with a daughter later in life. Pin it to a shawl or sweater and make it the perfect accessory for a cool spring day.”

Vintage is back, and old styles are in fashion again. When you give your mother her gift and take her out for brunch, “Pull out that old gold jewelry that you thought you would no longer wear. Just like the flared pants and A-line dresses, they’re back.”

Whether you choose a traditional strand of pearls, a gold brooch, or something sleek and modern, Geolat advises, “Show your mom you know she has style.”

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