What to Note About the January Birthstone

A new year is expected to bring new thoughts, new goals and new energy into your world. Of course, you may also find yourself wishing to bring new luck to your life, and wearing specific gemstones to fulfill this wish! The January birthstone, garnet, is believed to do exactly that.

Those born in January have garnet to look to as their birthstone. Though deep red is the shade most associated with garnet, it is available in an array of colors, from browns and oranges, to pinks and purples – and each one makes a beautiful statement.

Whether you choose to dress yourself in the fiery orange of Mandarin Garnet, the rich green of the Tsavorite Garnet, or the traditional deep red of the Pyrope Garnet, the representation of friendship and trust is sure to shine through. January Babies are known for their boldness and this stone will allow your boldness to shine through on any outfit.

Garnet is known for constancy, loyalty and healing. January-born people possess these qualities as well, proving to always stand up for what they believe in and show great displays of fidelity in their personal lives.

Beyond what it signifies, legend says that garnet brings good luck to those who wear it. In ancient history, garnet was believed to protect those who wore it against nightmares and accidents. On the contrary, those who committed crimes while wearing garnet were struck with bad luck.

Since it is believed to hold such magical powers, garnet is a stone that has been given as a gift for many generations. So, if you find yourself looking for a special gift for the January baby in your life, or if you just want to treat yourself, garnet is a great way to go!

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