The Jewelry Trends to Look Out for in 2019

2018 brought us everything from dramatic statement jewelry, to minuscule earrings on the runway. We saw unique pieces at Fashion Week, and we were reminded what kind of extravagant jewelry the royals wore. We are sure that this year will bring even more highlights to our jewelry connoisseur minds, as well as our jewelry boxes. Here are some of the trends we are most excited to see in the coming months!

From seashell jewelry to loose chokers, we expect to see spins on unique and classic pieces we’ve loved in the past. Earrings will make a major statement, from hoops to distinctive single earrings. Prepare to also embrace delicate anklets and quirky designs that encompass everyday objects.

The Choker Trend of 2019

Choker necklaces have proven that they will never completely go out of style; they will just evolve into different trends. Loose chokers and chokers decorated in feathers, as well as ones that drip in seashells and other accents will pop up in the spring season.

This drama will also be seen on lengthy necklaces and everything in between.

Loud Earring Statements

Cuffs, single earrings, mismatched, or hoops? Take your pick! Each of these trends makes a bigger statement than what we are already used to seeing in these pieces. Let your ears do both the listening and the talking this spring, whether you are attending a black tie event, or a small dinner party.

Everyday Object Wear

One of the most unique upcoming trends? Accessorizing with everyday objects – everything from fork inspired earrings to clothespin belt charms. If you ever wondered what the intersection of high fashion and homewares would be like, look no further. Designs from Coach and Versace will inspire fashion everywhere.

Accessorizing from Head to Toe

Along with the upcoming earring and choker fads, pinky rings, anklets, and even toe rings are making a comeback from decades ago. Sparkling charms and gems will pair nicely with bright manicures and open toed spring sandals.

What jewelry trend are you most excited to wear this spring?

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