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Jewelry Periods Defined: Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau (noo-VOE) means “new art” in French, and it’s one of the names for a stylistic movement in Europe and the US that involved architecture, fine art, clothing, and other consumer products, as well as jewelry. Essentially a reaction against stuffy Victorian styles, Art Nouveau peaked around the turn of the century (in 1900) […]
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How to Care for Silver

At Geolat, we always want to educate our clients on how to care for their valuables! Antiques and estate jewelry retain their value when they’re properly maintained, and objects are more beautiful when they’re treated with care. This is especially true when it comes to silver. The excerpt below, from Lydia Darbyshire’s book, Antique Silver: […]
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Modern Cameos an Update on Victorian Styles

As persons of royalty tended to set the jewelry trends for the era, periods in jewelry are often named after a royal figure. While history suggests that Queen Elizabeth and Catherine the Great favored cameos, they became particularly popular in the Victorian period because of Queen Victoria’s love for them. Cameos are beautiful three-dimensional scenes […]
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